What our patients had to say:

I came to SFPT after my second knee replacement. The entire staff was so nice, from behind the front desk to everyone in the clinic! The experience of rehabbing my knee was good. I only had physical therapy for a month and then back to work. Kevin and Yasmin were awesome. Thank you!

– Armand P

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After years of trying to live a normal life with herniated discs in my neck, I decided to have surgery to remove the discs and fuse the bones together.  Before the surgery I had numbness and tingling in my left hand, plus my left arm had become so weak I could not hold up my own weight.  Being a Physical Education teacher, I needed to have full use of my arm and be able to perform different activities and exercises so that I could demonstrate for my students.  It is now 7 months after the surgery and the crew here has me back to living the normal life I desired.  I am strong enough to perform all activities at work and I have zero numbness and tingling.

– Brian G


I decided that I wanted to be able to do more this summer!  I know that my injury to my shoulder and subsequent frozen shoulder was keeping me from doing the things I like to do.  It was even keeping me from my favorite thing – sleep!  When I couldn’t do the simplest things like use a towel or reach around to put my coat on, I knew it was time.  This summer I hope to be able to Kayak down the shore but even more than that,  Kevin & Aditi have given me back the ability to do the simple things.  This office is so much fun and I never felt like it was a chore to come to PT.  I’m actually going to miss it!  Thank you SFPT! You guys are the best!!

– Amy K


The first time I came to Somerset Family Physical Therapy was when I broke my wrist.  Now I came back here for my hip.  Both times I found the staff and Kevin to be pleasant and helpful.  Many thanks to all the staff for their help.

– Frances L


SFPT has great staff!  In 10 sessions my pain and discomfort is gone.  I am pain free!!  Great Job!

– Julio P


My experience at SFPT was cool.  I came to PT because I had difficulty running while playing sports.  Ms. Aditi helped me with my flexibility, strength and balance.  After my time at PT, I’ve been performing better at my sports.

– Cameron R


Before coming to PT I had knee pain in both my knees while doing physical activity (walking long distances, running and swimming).  I had a lot of pain and it was hard to do these things.  Since coming to PT it has become a lot better.  My pain level has gone down a lot and engaging in physical activity has become easier.  PT definitely helped and has made my pain go down.  I would recommend your services to my friends, family and doctor because your services definitely helped me.

-Heather A


The atmosphere here at SFPT is great!  No one pushes you to hurry up.  Everybody is relaxed but they encourage you to move beyond what you think you can do.  My right knee and leg were very weak and going up and down steps was extremely difficult.  Now they are stronger making everything from standing, to walking, to steps easier.

-Janice C


Before having two knee replacement surgeries, I walked with a limp and used a cane for ten years.   For ten years, I avoided stairs because they were so painful.

A friend recommended SFPT, and you helped me prepare before the surgery and rehabilitate after the surgery.  But the wonder of SFPT is more than just my experience.  Kevin, you have created a center of healing and wholeness, a place of conversation and friendliness. And every patient here recognizes the special way we are treated, with a focus on our individual situations, and never as just another number.

Please know that I am sincerely and deeply grateful to you and your staff for my healing.  Now I am able to climb and descend stairs, and I am taking more and more long walks.  Thank you and Bless You!

-Roslyn G


 This is my second time coming to SFPT – both times for the same reason, a sprained ankle.  The entire staff is pleasant and fun.  I couldn’t walk correctly, I limped for 3 weeks.  After 2 weeks of therapy I can walk without any braces or air cast.  I can return to gym in school and gymnastics.  I am sad to not see the staff here but I am glad I am feeling better.  Thank you SFPT.

-Emiliana R


My experience at SFPT has been a most positive and pleasant one!  The condition that brought me here is known as frozen shoulder.  My mobility was impaired for some time and the limitations were annoying.    After 10 sessions with the incomparable Kevin Kurtz, I am happy to say that I can now move that arm and shoulder much, much better.  The pain upon movement is diminished considerably, nearly gone for the most part.  In addition to the vast improvement, it was enjoyable being among a most skilled, efficient and congenial staff.  I told people that even if Kevin was unable to help, his humor and the comradery was a joy to behold.  The facility is bright and clean and cheerful.  I have recommended it to others.

-Gloria S


I am very lucky to ski, play golf, tennis, pickleball and softball.  My problem was discovered on long car trips while I was driving and it affected my sitting as well (watching tv, etc).  I continue to do my sports and my exercise.  I recommend SFPT for the exercises, the friendly instructors and the encouragement.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Milton T