SFPT Health and Wellness

Welcome to the home of SFPT Health and Wellness.  At SFPT we offer various health and fitness programs to help you continue on your way to recovery after physical therapy and to help get you moving correctly and confidently.  Our programs range from balance and fall prevention, movement pattern retraining, and general fitness.  We offer a welcoming environment with the staff you already know and enjoy being around.  Our staff will create a program for you based around your needs and upon your level of fitness and limitations, as well as guide you through it and supervise to prevent injury.  Whether it is small group exercise or a 1-on-1 exercise program that you are looking for, SFPT has something that will fit you.

Here are our programs:

Move Free: This program is our fall prevention and balance program.  With this program we assess your movement quality and balance and work on correcting your imbalances first and improving your balance as well as your confidence when moving around. We then start to add a strengthening mechanic to help reinforce the new movement habits your have started to form as well as add some strength to your constantly improving balance

Fit-4-Life:  This is our general fitness program at SFPT.  For this program we take you through a thorough screening to take a look at how you move and test how strong you are with certain patterns of movement.  From there we look to improve specific mechanics that are lacking and then add strength training to compliment your correct movement patterns.

6-Week Movement Challenge: This program focuses on doing a total overhaul of all your movement mechanics.  We do an in-depth movement assessment, look at where your are moving correctly and incorrectly, and develop a program for the next 6 weeks that will correct your movements and teach you new ways to move properly and comfortably.