Problem with Hip Pain? Let Us Help You!

The bones of the hip and pelvic region act as protection for internal organs such as the bladder. Depending on the severity of the injury, a hip fracture can result in internal bleeding, difficulty urinating and abdominal pain. Fractures in the pelvis

Knee Reconstruction: Goals and benefits at Somerset Family Physical Therapy in Somerset, New Jersey

Somerset Family Physical therapy offers specialized, state of the art care to its clients all through life. Somerset Family Physical Therapy utilizes current therapeutic exercises and manual techniques to deliver the best to their clients. Goals after Knee Construction at Somerset Family

Cervical Pain: Symptoms, Prevention and Proper Treatment at Somerset Family Physical Therapy in Somerset, NJ

The human body begins to wear out after many years of using it. The neck particularly takes a hard hit after years of lifting, twisting, and turning. One of the most common effects of this degeneration is neck pain. The cervical spine